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Tuesday, 30 November 2004



Chistmas Away. I always have some type of coping mechanism that helps me wade through late November and December until Christmas. As an expat abroad, it is hard, especially around the holidays to know you are missing your neices and nephews going through the toy catalogs. The annual girl scout cookie delivery and even seeing "the mall" decorated with a cheesier version of Christmas than the year before!

My great discovery, although shallow, for avoiding the holiday blues? THE ONLINE SHOPPING FLYER! You can get your list of the frequent sales at Best Buy, Target, and even Macys...all a few clicks away. Shoppiing online while listening to Christmas music in the back ground was just the ticket. :O)

Baja Bound

I'll be enjoying the sun and fun of the Pacific coast in Baja California and LA. While the winter wonderland sounds fine and dandy, I want some sun dang-it! Plymouth is not the place to work on a tan and I am tired of the Dutch winter - rain and clouds from October until March (I kid you not, 6 months of nothing but C L O U D S ! ! And not even the fun kind. I mean the low laying stratus clouds. The kind that look like they are going to drop water at any moment. The gray linoleum sky that covers the sun. What in the heck was I thinking when I moved to Holland? Someone must smashed me in the head with one of those damn wooden shoes.)

In any case, while the holidays are remembered for the seasonal weather, I'll take the warm days and sunshine to be with my family. I get to meet my niece for the second time in her life. I get to play frisbee with a pair of dogs on a Mexican beach. I get to be with my family and that's all that matters to me. :)

Ashley in Abu Dhabi

I can only imagine that I'm going to feel the Christmas thang on 24 December when I arrive in JFK. This will be a special Christmas for me, as I'll be meeting my new family for the first time. My future husband (29 Dec!) Mark's family even has a 2 year old kid included! I haven't felt a real Christmas for around 10 years.

This year, there are no lights in Abu Dhabi, because Sheikh Zayed died. Although the UAE is a muslim country, we usually have lights for National Day which are left up the whole month of December. Because of the mourning period, there are no lights this year.

Today, feels a little Christmasy only because we've had rain in the desert - special indeed.


I am awaiting Christmas here in the states with my two children. While I claim to dislike the materialism of this country during the holidays, I have 5 present under the tree for my 3 year old daughter and more on the way. I spent 135$ on a wooden play kitchen. My 9 month old has nothing under the tree yet because he will have more fun playing with the wrapping paper.

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