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Sunday, 14 November 2004



One of my favorite movies is 'The People vs. Larry Flint'.

It is based on a true story so the scenes really happened which makes it even funnier to me.
The scenes are the court scenes where Larry Flint yells at the Judge or wears shirts that say "Fuck this Court" or "I Wish I Was Black" when he had a black Judge. There is also a scene where he refuses the courts order to reveal a source for a controversial video that he released to the media and decided to pay the 10,000 fine. He has a bunch of half-dressed women bring the money in bags and dump it on the court floor.
Basically all the court scenes are great.

Movie Freak

Some personal favorites of mine -

Full Metal Jacket - the first hour where the Drill Instructor (R. Lee Emree) continuously berates Private Pyle (Vincent Donofrio). While it comes across as cruel and inhumane, some of those lines are classic and under-appreciated in their application within a classroom environment! ;)

Breakfast Club - "Could you describe the ruckus?" My favorite part is that I actually was able to incorporate that into a staff meeting that we had last week.

Dogma - Jay and Silent Bob as the 'prophets'. Not to mention how the movie really makes you take a look at organized religion.

Apollo 13 - the launch sequence. I know that I am a space-weanie and really get into all that NASA crap but I still get goose-bumps when I watch that scene even though I have seen it over 30 times (I show it to my science classes).

American Pie - Jimbo, the apple pie, and the band geek. Where exactly did that flute go?

And the list goes on and on....


Ummmmmm, in no particular order (even though I've numbered them :P)

1) dr. strangelove
The guy with cowboy hat straddled on a falling atom bomb screaming 'yeeee-hah!'. Man I have a huge grin on my face just writing it down.

2) Fight club
Any scene, really. But if I have to choose; the scene where Norton finally realises the truth. With all the sudden flashbacks.

3) Memento
Again; the scene of realisation. Where it all connects; if (in the case of memento) momentarily.

4) Pi
the 'headache' scenes. intense.

5) A clockwork orange
The mindwashing scene. Eyes forced open; scientist with the eyedrops; the blasting music, and the dry conversation of the doctors.

6) matrix
The original 'bullet time' scenes blew my mind at the time. Too bad the following movies were a bit of a letdown, and traded that dark atmosphere for massive amounts of CG.

7) Ground Hog Day
The part where bill murray starts to get really pissed off at all the repetition. That is classic.

8) Delicatessen
The duet. This is a must-see movie btw, especially if you liked amelie.

9) Ghost in the Shell
Somewhere at the end where the major attacks a massive tank and tries to rip open a tank hatch; destroying her cyborg body by the sheer power she applies.

10) reservoir dogs
'Torture you? That's a good idea!'. None of his later movies match this one IMO.


GREAT scene choices! One of these days I'll do a top ten favorite films, but it will be tough to narrow it down. A for-sure film on the list will be Amalie (I own the DVD), so I'll have to check out Delecatessen. Thanks for the recommendation. I had forgotten about Pi... loved it on the big screen, must rent it soon. I agree with your "Fight Club", "Clockwork Orange" and "Dr. Strangelove" scene choices. I've seen each movie on your list except for "Ghost in a Shell." Once I'm in a country where I can rent decent movies, I'll have to rent it. Thanks for reminding me of other great film scenes.


1. Scarface - Unforgettable chainsaw scene
2. Scarface - Finale shootout
3. Scarface - growl

alice rynear


Nancy and I have a project in mind that I said I would put on a blog. Ha Ha!!!! Now what? How do I begin?
Any suggestions to a computer illiterate?



Hi, Alice!
I recommend either

Blogger http://www.blogger.com/star or
Live Journal

They are both free.

I think Blogger is best for you.... have fun! Would love to see your work in the Blogosphere!!

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