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Wednesday, 24 November 2004



I hear ya sista! I have always been amazed at how white-folks have done such a great job of wasting land with cemeteries and golf courses.

We mourn death as the loss of someone rather than the celebration of their life. Mexicans do it right, use the sacred land of a cemetery for celebrating those whom we have known and the enrichment that they brought to our lives.

Why the need to be so morbid? Why look on the dark side? Heck, I don't even wanna be buried. Here's my idea of how to go - get cremated. Take the ashes and put some of them in a jar and a little bit of them in a vial. Take the jar and sprinkle the ashes in all the places I held dear. Have fun with the roadtrip - celebrate these places as I did. Take the vial and launch it into space. Send a little of me somewhere I never would have gone when I was alive. Go to the launch of that vial and throw a party. Its what I want and fulfill my last request.

So dance the mayo. Enjoy what you have had for at least you had it. It is better to have loved and lost...


You stole my idea, "Celebration." I've often spoke of the idea of having my friends and family spread my ashes in all the places I love. My dear friend N.J. has portions of her husband's ashes sent all over the world, carried by former students of his. I like that thought.

Here's my question: where would you spread your ashes? What places on planet earth do you hold dear?


Where to have the ashes spread... Interesting question. I think that they should be put in the places that I found most special. I didn't find my first home until I was 18 years old and its my favorite place of memories - Athens, Ohio. Its the home of Ohio University and where I did my undergrad. There are so many special memories there; I defined myself as a person in that small Appalachian town. That should be stop number one.

Stop number two - Ireland. The name Curry has been changed a few times over the years but eventually can be traced back to curraugh - the limestone lowlands of Ireland. I would like to have a portion of me returned to where my ancestors were from originally. A true meaning of 'homecoming'.

Stop 3 is up to the person(s) actually doing the spreading. Where do they want to go and take me with them? I'd be happy to think that I went somewhere without being charged for the extra airfare! ;) So whomever takes the urn and runs with it, I leave it up to them.

How's about you slim? Where would you like to go?


First off, that is a beautiful poem, thanks for sharing.
I too am planning on scattering ashes of loved ones all over the planet and have mentioned that I'd like that done for me as well. Why are tears coming to my eyes as I imagine this? Perhaps because the ashes know no fears and bounds as I do and then I'd finally be free to go wherever I wanted.


I agree, Datta, that when I think of my ashes taken to different places, it makes me a bit sad, primarily because the memories are bittersweet. But it also makes me happy, too, when I think of my loved ones taking trips to visit my favorite spots on the planet. And as to “finally being free”: I have some thoughts on the subject of freedom that I’ll share in a later post. I really appreciate your postings, Datta.

I like your choices, “Celebration”: your dust returning to your family beginnings, and the place where you were truly “born”: college. And as to the space launch: did I hear that Timothy Leary actually did that?

My list is a bit longer then yours. I hope that some of my cousins, who have traveled very little, will carry my ashes to some of these places. But, task of delivering my remains to each of the really special places, like Sam’s garden, Lake Titicaca, and Inya Lake, will be given to very specific people who shared time with me there.

So, my wish is that a few of my ashes will be scattered at the following places:

By/in the waters of:

The River Beni, Bolivia
The Guadaquivir, Seville, Spain
The Lake at Brown Track State Park Lake, New York
Lake Titicaca (Island of the Sun, Island of the Moon) Copacabana, Bolivia
The Caribbean, Roatan Island, off the pier of Foster’s
Lake Atlitlan, Guatemala
Lake Yahoa, Honduras
Arthur L.’s Lake, Pennsylvania
Iguazu Falls, South America
Vina del Mar, Chile
Inya Lake, Myanmar
The Irrawaddy, Myanmar
The creek that runs by the former site of my grandfather’s chicken farm


The Rock of Gibraltar, overlooking the waters of the Atlantic and the Mediterranean
Maccu Picchu, Peru
Sam’s Garden, Lama Mountain, New Mexico
Covent Gardens, London
Katmandu, Nepal
Prince Edward Island
The cemetery, where all my relatives on both sides of the family are buried

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