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Friday, 19 November 2004


Child of the 80s

Ahhh, how true those comments are indeed! You forgot to mention the part about how when you did purchase music, it came on vinyl and you had to CAREFULLY place the needle on it to "fast forward" or "rewind".

But what about the lack of cable TV? I didn't remember getting it until somewhere around 1984. Changing channels was great too! If you were lucky enough to have a remote for the cable, you usually still had to get up off the sofa to turn the TV on and change the volume (in the days before the 'clicker').

The good ol' days. Glad to have those gone!!!! :)

Datta born in 1980

I can't say that the chldren today have it any easier. Being married to a person near the same age as my mother I get to hear often how it was 'back in the old days'.
I was a bored kid who watched too much TV. I didn't have to pretend my dolls were talking because they had voice boxes and peed in their diapers.
Todays kids are overweight and starving at the same time. How much better it would be to look back on life and know you got to walk through the snow and see nature as a child instead of being driven somewhere. How wonderful to have to use a few extra brain cells and rev up your visualizing abilities while listening to the radio instead of watching TV.
Kids today struggle with ADD or with being diagnosed and put on meds. Perhaps if they walked through the woods and snow to get to school, they wouldn't have so much darn energy while sitting in a desk at school to deal with.


80's...NO MORE WIRE HANGERS!!! I don't think I could have survived without 80's kitch in my memory bank. I loved the movies and all the women in shoulder pads/line backer look. I wore bowling shoes to my high school prom, and just thought I was the coolest. "Punk" was sort of in too. Granted I grew up in west Texas, where the "Cool" line went from Paris - New York - Dallas - K-mart - and then finally arrived in Abilene about two years later. We sure thoght we were in style. Sixteen Candles, Breakfast Club, and any other John Hughes movie of the time period said more about our Gen-X generation than anything else. Did anyone really know that George Michael from WHAM! was gay???

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