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Monday, 17 January 2005


Spaceman Spiff

How great that you actually read comics for more than their face value! Personally, I read my comics everyday and just have fun with them (at least the non-political ones). I just figured that Calvin was the personification of the little bugger in all of us.

But you bring up a valid point indeed. I seem to recall somewhere in history where the US adopted a policy of 'isolationism' and how that managed to work the first time - right up until we sent 'doughboys' 'overthere'. Nothing like a big ass war to pull your head outta your ass. Actually, we have it backwards! We had a war first and NOW we are isolating ourselves. Hmmm, if this trend continues, minorities and women will lose the right to vote, slavery will be reinstated, and the white religious aristocracy will dominate political thought.

Oh shit! We've already gone back that far!!! Minorities and women still have the right to vote but in certain places in the US, their votes don't count! For example see Dade County, Florida.

Slavery reinstated? Sure! Members of our current armed forces - a volunteer army and marine corps - are being held in against their will, doing something that they don't want to do, and for little wages (did you know that some members of the Army have to rely on food stamps?)

But nevermind what I said, it would only be true if the white religious aristocracy dominated the political mainstream of the US government. And we know that THAT would never happen. After all, there is a definitive division between church and state - the courts would surely quash any attempts to allow those ideas from religious zealots to take a foothold in politics...

Nah! Its just a comic strip. Just some kid playing with snow balls in his fort thinking that he is beyond the reproach of others. He could never be used as a metaphor for real life.

*please note, if you can't read the HIGH level of sarcasm in the tone of that comment, you should start looking in the yellow pages for "Where can I find a clue"*

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