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Monday, 17 January 2005



Well, hmmmm, Where do I begin? My daughter is watching the tube right now so I can spend some time on the computer nursing the baby. I grew up on LOTS of TV. Mostly my dad liked to show us scarry movies that left us unable to get out of our beds in the night when we had to pee because that man from the murder movie was surely under there.
In me early teens and on through to 16 I had cable in my room. I would come home from school, turn the elctric blanket on and turn the TV on until dinner time. Then afterwards, I watch until 11:00 or so. I would have benefitted by having a hobby or involved parents but was instead left to raise myself through the akward time of puberty with nothing more than a remote control in my hand. Just now, at 24 am I finally learning to knit and sew and play games and combat the "winter blues" with other tactics. I still try to catch Oprah and Survivor when they're on. I just don't find TV evil anymore. Rather, I think a healthy balance of things are crucial.


I agree, Datta: a healthy balance is crucial. Unfortunately, as with chocolate and coffee, I sometimes have to go "cold turkey" in order to find that balance.

I've been missing my TV more than I thought. And I've transferred my addiction from television over to blogging. I've simply switched from the TV screen to the computer screen, rather than pursuing my creative endeavors.

Sigh. Perhaps I should simply succumb to my addictions, rather then fight them.

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