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Tuesday, 25 January 2005



Hiya chica,

Yeah, I made a resolution this year and have been doing a decent job of staying with it. In years past I have made resolutions that last a week or two and then fade into oblivion. So this year I was honest with myself and set a reasonable (some would call it low) goal to attain - floss at least 3 times a week.

I know it sounds like a dorky resolution but at least I don't promise to get into shape (like millions of others do) and not keep it. Besides, oral hygene is the key to better student-teacher interactions!

As far as you being more mysterious - why do you need to? I like you for the normal and slightly mysterious person that you already are!


Oh my God! I forgot to put "floss" on the list! Thanks, Realistic. It's a good intention.


Hi, I guess I have made some intentions too.

Yoga once a week at least.
Get out of debt.
Clean instead of shop on-line.
Get more time to myself.


Oh, my God! I forgot to put Yoga on the list!!!! I will add it immediately, Datta, along with Realistic's "floss" suggestion.

And one more thing for Realistic: thanks for believing that I'm "slightly mysterious" already. I'm going for the "sultry-mysterious", but "slightly mysterious" is part way there... :-)

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