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Friday, 28 January 2005



once again with baby on lap....

Ya know, I find anger almost everywhere. While I don't encounter people who hate me because I am American, I find people who hate that I breastfeed my 11 month-old son, who hated my bald head, who hate my ideas, who hate the way I parent. It's as though we must all hate something until we fully love ourselves.
We all need our own version of a plate of fries and katchup with no one to stand over us pointing a finger.

Hungry anyone?


I'm very glad to visit your site - it's great and I LOVE the graphics.
I think what you are writing about here is probably true for all of us. I too have my British 'pint of beer int' pub' moments that probably equate to fries (nearly said chips!) and ketchup in American terms.
I don't agree with the writer who says that 'Europeans secretly envy Americans their open welcoming style', but I do know that many of us appreciate and cherish it, and just wish it was more in evidence than the image that is presented by Bush. Inc. It's Americans like you who do much to refurbish the reputation. So don't give up!


Thanks for the kudos, Amelia. Here's to fish n' chips and a "pint of beer int' pub". :-)

Prouda Plymouth

Ahh yes, a pint of Guinness in the Fresher... only a few more months away!!!

I have more to say on this but need to head to bed. Maybe tomorrow.

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