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Sunday, 20 February 2005



I would argue that evolution has led us into a diurnal rhythm, and while insomnia might be used as muse for a while, in the long run she will burn you up. Seeing how you have tried different tactics to combat insomnia (lettuce juice? really?) and failed; maybe it's worth it to investigate the causes behind the insomnia further?

Left to my own devices, my own circadian rhythm will drift slowly towards the nighttime, but my body will still insist on about 8 hours sleep, so then I just shift my sleep time to the daylight hours (and get depressed after a few months because I'm not getting enough exposure to the sun).

On a mostly unrelated side note, I once tried living on 26-hour days for a few months (inspired by a book, but I don't remember which) which means you slowly drift in and out of phase with the rhythms of the world around you. It was an interesting experience, especially in a large city where people are up at all hours.

ps. are you talking about Rainer (René) Rilke? Amazing to see that the english translation of german poetry still works...


I used lettuce juice once.....for a sunburn. I think the best cure for insomnia may be to have a nursing baby, you'll fall fast a sleep every night. OK, I'm being funny 'cause I am in a silly mood. The damn snow started up again after spring-like days of skunks on my porch, baby flies in my window, and bulbs sprouting in the garden. I'll take Asia over this today. The firewood is almost gone, there is no insullation in my ceiling and my bedroom is cold. I'm not really responding to the blog entry very well am I? Well, what is it that we are suppossed to be doing anyhow? Is this like a free write or are there rules here in the blogosphere? Can i come here to just get a load of crap off my chest even if it has nothing to do with what you wrote?
Really I am irked too that I have to clean the house again. And for what reason? So that it can be even more messy in half an hour? Argghhhhh!
It seems we all have a thing that has a hold on us.


Michiel: the poet is Rainier Maria Rilke... and you're right: over the long run, insomnia WILL kill you. Others, like you, have suggested that I examine the reason behind my chronic insomnia, but I must admit: that's scarier than a night of nightmares, and waking up in dark during "the witching hour". ! :-)


P.S. The best description of how it feels to have chronic insomnia can be found in the beginning of the film "Fight Club". The first time I saw the movie I thought, "Someone else out there knows exactly how it is to live, long term, without sleep." You're never really asleep and you're never really awake.


Write on, woman!

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