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Thursday, 10 February 2005



Wow, you sure know lots about technology stuff huh?
Did anyone I sent your link to post yet? Those deadbeats.
Congrats on the hits mama!


"Ironically, haven’t had a single face-to-face conversation about tagging with anyone."

That's funny, I am a regular tag-junkie (my blog should make that fairly obvious) and I see a lot of bloggers talking about tags and metadata and such. It feels like the whole world is talking about them. Of course, only a VERY VERY small subset of humanity even has the slightest clue of what it is, and even less seem to know what it means, or where it's going.

I too am fairly unsure of meaning and direction, but I'm pretty sure it's big.

BTW: I found you via 43things; guess you succeeded in your goal "get more people to read my blog" ;)


I don't know who you are? But I like your words :)

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