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Wednesday, 09 February 2005



The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe? How could I end up like that? Man, I was hoping to be a Michael Crichton or Dan Brown novel.

If I retake it, can I be a different book? P L E A S E ! ! ! !


HEY ! ! ! !

I went back and took the other quizzes, it turns out that I am the country of Thailand (who woulda thunk?) and the state of Colorado.

Actually, I won't mind living in Colorado. It could be a fun place to live, but then again, they do get a ton of snow in the winter. While I do enjoy skiing, I prefer to be able to drive to the ski slopes and then go back to my non-snowed-in home.

Geesh, sounds like I really am a California. Perhaps I'll go back there someday. Until then, I am a flying Dutchman!


Well, turns out that I'm the state of Indiana and the country of the United Kingdom.

I'd much rather be New York and Argentina.
Or Oregon and Greece.
Or New Mexico and Ireland.

The grass is always greener, as they say.....


Owen was quite a hero. It wasn't the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog. With his translucent ears and giant heart he brought compassion in to the, albeit fictional, lives of those around him. He championed the little guy with the long shot. He was a winner.


Here's what I am:You're The Poisonwood Bible!
by Barbara Kingsolver
Deeply rooted in a religious background, you have since become both isolated and schizophrenic. You were naively sure that your actions would help people, but of course they were resistant to your message and ultimately disaster ensued. Since you can see so many sides of the same issue, you are both wise beyond your years and tied to worthless perspectives. If you were a type of waffle, it would be Belgian.
Oh my!


You're Love in the Time of Cholera!
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez
Like Odysseus in a work of Homer, you demonstrate undying loyalty by sleeping with as many people as you possibly can. But in your heart you never give consent! This creates a strange quandary of what love really means to you. On the one hand, you've loved the same person your whole life, but on the other, your actions barely speak to this fact. Whatever you do, stick to bottled water. The other stuff could get you killed.

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