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Tuesday, 29 March 2005



I just returned my lonely planet guide of viet nam yesterday to the library. I have this fantasy of taking a trip with my father there one day for some sort of strange bonding trip. That's a far-fetched idea. I don't even get along with him in my dreams what makes me think that taking him to a really hot country where he probably has a few kids and killed a bunch of people would have any sort of positive impact on our relationship? Maybe because he'd be out of his comfort zone and would have to face the reality of who he has become. We'll probably never take that trip or even talk openly about our issues because he can't even admit that they are there. Anyhow, I guess I am turning your blog into a personal processing session, but hey, I quit counselling over a year ago and need to process every now and then.

Jeff Hess


I look forward to hearing about your experience with Cleveland's poets. I've also got a story to share with you via email when you get back.



Expat Nomad

I hope you enjoyed the trip slim. I've never been to Vietnam and doubt I will anytime soon.

Got some questions for ya, check out the blog.

Later! :)

michael salinger

It was so nice to meet you and to talk a little politics while we sweated in the former South Vietnamese presidential palace - what a weird experience that was!

Now I am back in Ohio where there are still a few piles of snow about.

Hope our paths cross again.

Best wishes and luck to you,

Legend of Y

Hope you had a lovely time... that's one I always wanted to go but never quite made it... I hear the rains have started in Yangon. Hopefully that's given some respite from the heat!

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