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Thursday, 17 March 2005


Cin-ema Sweet

Hmm, fave flicks, eh? Lemme see what I can come up with (aside from what I mentioned in my top 10 scenes).

In no particular order...
Shawshank Redemption
Legend of Drunken Master (Jackie Chan is da bomb)
Breaking Away
Hunt for Red October
Anger Management
Coming to America
Field of Dreams


Hey! Surprise!!!!!!!!! :0)
Here's my Top Ten List. I'm sure you absolutely love some movies from my list. Because I know... I just know!
Anyway, here's the list!

1) The Hours

2) My Best Friend’s Wedding

3) Chicago

4) The Sixth Sense

5) Love Actually

6) Thelma & Louise

7) Dancer in the Dark

8) The Others

9) Far From Heaven

10) Philadelphia

Luv,as always...

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