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Sunday, 17 April 2005


sara holbrook

Thanks for visiting my site and for sharing that Koosner poem -- reminds me that sharing our experiences about the trip to Vietnam makes it more real -- as if I just saw it all on my own, I would have doubted my own memories. Thanks.

Musings Something

LOL @ your stressful moments.

I'd like to think that friendships are not defined/limited by the frequency of contact. So far that seems to be holding true.


Hi, Musings from Milan. While I agree that "friendships are not defined/limited by the frequency of contact", there's something to be said for being there for the grandparents who want you there in their golden years, the friend with tickets to a concert, the niece and nephew who'd like you to watch them grow up, the friend with cancer who needs you at her bedside, the boyfriend who'd like to surprise you with a pizza on a Friday night.

This doesn't happen when you're 10,000 miles away.

There's something to be said for "being there."

Legend of Y

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thingyan! Happy new year! Your blog is in my 'favorites' here at work and I check it every day! Your tropical musings keep me warm here in the frigid early spring! After over two years, I'm getting used to frequency of contact once again... and it's wonderful, though sometimes frustrating and confusing, to weave yourself back into the fabric of the daily life of loved ones.

Expat Nomad

Hey fellow wanderer - I'm there with ya in mind if not in body. Not to worry, it'll all come out in the wash...


Don't really know what to say just happy you are back and writing thought-provoking words.

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