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Wednesday, 11 May 2005


Call Me Coach

Well congrats there ya big slugger!

In baseball there is a milestone of 3,000 hits in a career, it virtually makes the player a shoe-in for the Hall of Fame.

With you doubling that mark, I can only assume that you too are a going to be heading to a HOF someday as well.... ;)

Nice job slim, and it is rather interesting to see how the juxtaposition of words can mean all the difference to a search engine.

Tish G

Congrats on 6,000!

I started my sitemeter rather late, so I'm only a few hundred over the 2,000 mark--even though you and I started around the same time. I kind of wish I'd started it earlier, when I was still linked on the blog of a rather well-known young novelest--before we had a bit of a disagreement over the merits of his latest novel (and his sexual preference--sometimes I shoot my mouth of when I should just be quiet.)

and I love looking at the referring sites too. It's amazing what you find in those stats! :-)

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