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Thursday, 05 May 2005



Sorry Slim, you are going to have to find others to make the coffe thing work - I am a non-caffeinated person. I know, what a shocker! Someone with my vitality is often thought to have a drug-induced stupor about them but this is not the case for me.

As far as my blog not being updated, I'm working on getting back into it. Just had some other things on my mind recently. :)

Ashley in Abu Dhabi

Sorry, I don't drink coffee! Wouldn't you rather pay for 5 pounds though for a cup of coffee at your local trendy cafe? What about the coffee achievers pitching in money for a coffee maker and then coffee to keep in the classroom?


Very professional Blog! Pardon my ignorance, but is the entire site yours? Yes, we need REAL coffee in Plymouth.


Interesting comments. Well I thought it was dead funny ;)


Coffee has two virtues: it's wet and warm. (DUTCH SAYING)
I personally liked Ahsley's idea. It would be more feasible if we (caffeine addicts) contribute few pounds to the coffee, machine, and sugar. What do you think?! Can't wait to see you...


Does someone have a coffee machine to bring? I say, whoever brings the machine gets free coffee for the month; the rest of us pitch in for the coffee beans. I could bring a grinder, since I have a 220 volt plug in. I'm all about grinding the beans. If we're going to do it, let's do it right! I also like Ashley's "trendy coffee shop" idea, but it doesn't fit my budget, except occasionally.

Looking forward to seeing you all, over a pint of coffee or Guinness or Stella.


Well well well, Adrien pokes his head out! Nice to hear that you are still alive over there in the U.S. of A.! :)

As far as Myra's quote of warm and wet being a Dutch saying, my response is, "When the heck is it going to get warm here?!?!?" Temps have been hovering between 5-10 degrees (that's 40-50 for you Fahrenheit people) for the last month. This is May for crying out loud! I was hoping for something in the area of the 20s (70s for the Fahrenheit impared)!

And of course, as Shamash says, I am looking forward to seeing you all, over a pint of GUINNESS!!!! or some of that other crappy beer... ;)

See ya soon.

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