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Saturday, 07 May 2005


Expat Nomad

Glad to hear that you are ok and that you are not worried about your safety. I know a lot of people must be worried enough for you, myself being one of them.

Kinda glad we chatted on the phone before you headed out...


It's always difficult for those who live far away to deal with loved ones who are experiencing violence or pain than the person who's actually IN the situation. I think it's easier to live in a stressful situation than to worry about someone you care about who is living in a stressful situation.

You'd be surprised, though. There are some people I never expected to call or email their concern for me, who did. And then there are others who I thought would call or email for sure, who didn't, like my family in the States, who still haven't contacted me. Perhaps it's not being covered in the US as much as it is in Europe and Asia?

Regardless, no further vioence has ensued, though restaurants and stores were closed yesterday. We're digging in our cupboards for those soup cans. :-) Things like this bring expats together for pancake breakfasts and movie nights. Amazing how life goes on...

I'll keep you posted, Expat Nomad. And yes: what a nice chat.... I'm just glad I went running rather than to buy milk! Weird how the seemingly insignificant choices we make are often the biggest ones of our lives.

James Tubbs

Thanks for the kind words about my blog. I was looking at your favorite books list. One book that you might appreciate given your current locale is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse--my favorite of all time!

Legend of Y

I'm so glad you're okay...was so worried about you and the rest of the gang. Stay safe!


Wow, I am not up on the news at all! Glad you're ok.

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