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Friday, 24 June 2005


Expat Nomad

I'm with ya sista! Sometimes I think that getting into the UK feels like trying to get into (or out of) the US! I understand that they have a job to do and it isn't a very glam thing, but at least have some pride that you have a job and it pays well. Geesh!

As far as being here in the UK, it is nice to be in an English-speaking land. I am still in the process of learning to NOT feel guilty when I speak English here and I still feel a little hesitant as I sound like a foreigner. Oh well, I'm sure when you get here, that will all go away!

Enjoy the sights of London, buy that cool stuff you've been eyeing up, and I'll see ya here soon. By the way, the forecast is for sunny skies and temps in the low 20s - perfect for a ride...

Frida K

Hey Honey!

Stalag Luft Heathrow ain't so bad, you just got to know where to find the smoked salmon and champagne counter - chat them up long long enough and you'll get handfulls of chocolate to lift your spirits. As to the guys just smile that'll confuse 'em, smiling at customs officials and passport control people is a bit of a sport with me. Russian customs were the most fun a girl could have with her clothes on!

Glad you've arrived safely in the land of my birth. Miss dirty grimy London with its pigeons and grey skies in the winter and that party feeling with people
spilling out of pubs onto the streets and sunlight filtering through the trees in the summer.Wish I was drinking scrumpy with you in Soho... nostalgia... argh!


Musings on the Run

Ackkkk don't remind me of the Heathrow thing. Hours of delay, ugly ugly carpeting, and VERY annoying officials.

I am now at Shannon airport, Ireland; and I'm headed home through... you guessed it. Rats.

And honestly; there is no Guiness like the Guiness in Ireland.

It would be surreal to meet at an airport sometime; who knows? stranger things have happened ;)


Hey, Frida K! I thought of you today since there's an exhibition here in London on Frida Kahlo's work. Good to hear from you. And you're absolutely right about smiling. I've been doing a lot of that today, and ya know what? It works! I'll have to try to find that salmon counter on my way back through Heathrow.

Musings on the Run: I'll have to try a Guiness in Ireland next year... you're not the first to tell me that Irish Guiness is better. And oh: use Frida's advice and try to find that salmon counter. Perhaps it will balance out the gray (I mean grey) carpeting and dismal atmosphere!


Aah yes, you know you're back in the UK when you've had at least 3 people be insufferably rude to you. Last time I went back I had the rare and unnerving experience of a bus driver being a) helpful and b) friendly. I spent at least 5 minutes staring nervously out of the bus window checking for signs that said 'London' as I wasn't sure I'd actually arrived.
On the plus side, go saunter down the South Bank for me, and raise a toast to the Globe, the Tate Modern and the Gherkin for me. She's a bit of a creaky old lady of a city, but she does have her own special glamour.

US conception/born sicilian

this is only my experience but:I lived in England for seven months and I was moving here and there all the times, but one thing that struck me was that I NEVER EVER had to carry my suitcases around (in the streets or in the underground etc.) because some men would ALWAYS offer to do it for me! Before that I was in Japan and it NEVER EVER happened that a man helped me...
I wish I was there with you....can you imagine how much fun?


You are so right, Ms. Sicily. Chivalry here in the UK is the best. However, in order to work for Transport for London, all chivalry must be repressed. One man actually said, "We're not allowed to help people with luggage." (sort of like airport officials in the US)

Outside of the transport system, I must say, everyone has been most helpful. Once, I needed an aspirin, and the hotel employee went out to his car and got one for me... and the people on the trains/Heathrow Express were most helpful with my luggage!

As for YOU getting help carrying your things: who WOULDN'T carry luggage for Ms. Sicily? ;-)

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