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Wednesday, 22 June 2005


Strong Enough to Carry Me

Love the blog on the evening at the State Tower. Great shot of the shoes, was that before or after you were asked to get down off the ledge?
Just got back from taking Looks Good Scruffy and Long Beach to Patpong- an experience. Almost as good as the trip up to room 2911 at Wireless Road. The view is almost as good as State Tower from this two bedroom unit with 40 inch plasma TV and plenty of drinks.


OOO...la la! You finally got to see 2911! What a mover and shaker you are, indeed. I want DETAILS! And ....umm... was your visit longer than one hour?? ;-)

Tish G

Ah, that mysterious link between shoes and social status! It is an amazing thing how something as superficial as the height of a woman's shoe heel can mean so much, yet that, and the thickness of the heel, seem to say an awful lot to certain folks.

and how something as simple as a pair of shoes can lead one to reflect on so much more...

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