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Monday, 18 July 2005



"Michael's credits include Shirley MacLaine's Inner Workout, The Beach Boys: An American Band, Hardware Wars, Dolphin Adventures, Diet For A New America, and Field Of Fish among others."

S. MacLaine's Inner Workout? The Beach Boys?!?

Anyway, some more real-life fiction: While you were posting your Charm of St. Ives entry and using the words "the rats of the sea" I was busy posting my Exploding Pigeon Syndrome (EPS) picture at flickr, where I used the term "flying rats" to describe pigeons. Funny, that. :P


Hey, Michiel.

What an amazing shot! Never knew that could happen to pigeons!

About MWP: I'm more interested in the upcoming films "Chasing Fire" and "Tibetan Pilgrimage."

How ironic that we simultaneously posted our rat-bird comments. Might this be an example of apophenia? :P

Yeah: funny, that. :-) Did anyone mention "fate"? :-)

totem pole guy

hey firehorse less worry more hurry ,great website ,interesting postings, great setup there toots???

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