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Saturday, 30 July 2005


Freddie Wagner

Something happened to me in the last 6 months...I started developing what I like to call "TechLust". On a trip to the states last Christmas, I started noticing all of the new gadgits that I didn't have and honostly, didn't know what they were! I started exploring and making my wishlist off the internet...very quickly became disenchanted with my very functional Dell laptop, after eyeing the Apple.com website. When did technology start looking so damn HOT!?

Thus began my "piggy bank" marked for an ipod, ibook, plasma tv, and more cool stuff! Living in third world, at times, can help appease those desires for what the luxe-life says are necessities, but then after I got over that, I think the idea of third world CHIC, seems a little more pleasing and comforting to help one stay in a developing nation.

I certainly don't need the i-pod, but it sure makes life sound nicer!

:O) F.


"TechLust". Never heard of the word, Freddie, but I'm going to use it because I know I've got it. (Did you make it up?) It's a great word, but sort of weird, coming from an English teacher! Whatever happened to the pencil and paper of our youth? hee. hee.

In Bangkok this weekend, I got a new, 60 gig Toshiba laptop (the sound went out of my Gateway, and no one's ever heard of Gateway in Asia, so no servicing available!) and 80 gig external hardrive for backup (it's a tiny little thing, not much bigger than an iPod).

I forced myself NOT to go into the iPod store. That would have been financial suicide.

When I travel, now, I travel with my iPod, my iPod InMotion speakers, my Sony Digital Cybershot camera, earphones/headset, and my laptop with all its cords. I'm amazed that I don't trip off the security machines at the airport.

Good to hear from you, Freddie, and good to know that I'm not the only one who needs to go to confession for "TechLust", the new sin of the modern world to add to the 7 deadly ones from ancient days. :-)

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