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Thursday, 30 June 2005


Expat Nomad

And when we come back, it will be with a vengeance!!! See ya on the flip side Shamash.

The 3 Musings

I'm just having too much fun in the big blue room right now :)

I noticed you took another stab at creating a set of three with the picture accompanying the post, and in the light of the recent fate discussions here and there, I have to wonder: Is there a force in your life presenting you with multiples of three for one reason or the other, or has your pattern-detecting mind fixated on sets of three for some reason and is that why you are seeing them everywhere?

(a casual search of your site suggests your mind is might be tuned to the number 'three' as it pops up a lot in your writing... just my 2C)

have fun now :)

Ms Sicily

dont stop writing your blog!!!!!
what am going to do during office hours???
and also I love to read what you are doing, what you think about what's going on in your life and I love the way you write it! it makes me feel close to you even when you dont reply to my emails ;)
I am sure that the people who live "Somewhere in Asia" will think the same (take Favourite sexist, he always reads your blog, Shoulder pads instead gets the review from us)...so think over your decision!

Jeff Hess

Shalom Shamash,

I'll miss you. Have fun and hurry back.




Musings: I'm sure that my "pattern-detecting mind is fixated on sets of three for some reason and that is why I'm seeing them everywhere." Not long ago I was walking the streets Somewhere in Asia, and lo and behold, I looked down to see a playing card: a three of hearts. The number three shows up everywhere, and I'm not sure why.

I love this picture; I took it from the top of one of those double-decker tourist buses as we drove through London. I happened to look up, and there it was. Another set of three. I had to take the photo.

I posted it because it is symbolic. Three of us are jumping out of the blogosphere into the "great blue room."

Tish G

I could say "oh, please don't go!" and really mean it....yet I understand how keeping a blog regularly can sometimes interferr with the goings on of the world outside The Box on The Desk.

As much as we care about and for one another that we meet on these little corners of the Internet, sometimes the pull into Real Life is far stronger.

Words-on-a-page type of human interaction can never truly replace real-time, physical, human interaction.

When you are here, we will find you. When you are not, we will miss you. I think most of us understand.


Tish G.


Wow, really, that's your own shot? That's insanely great!

Why don't you share it (and other cool pics of that country SiA) on flickr?

I know I do ;)


Hey, Michiel.

I'm glad you liked the photo. I'm really happy with it, too. I tweeked it a bit in Photoshop to bring out the blue in the sky.

I've had a Flickr account since March, but am in the process of organizing and posting the photos. I'll let you know when it's public.

I visited your flickr site... you are inspiring me to do more work with photography!

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