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Friday, 22 July 2005


Darth Vader

I beg to differ there Slim, there's not an empty space in your heart - just a place where you put the fond remembrance of all of us.

Next year we will be the year 3s. We will carry the burden of the news, iVideos, being the MKOs on Dreamweaver, and leading the pilgrimmage to the Fresher. ;)

I look forward to it and yet I don't. I know the bittersweet memories that we will form next year will be our last together as The Pod. But its another point in our journey of life - one that was like our last motorcycle ride. We headed out and wandered, not knowing what we were going to find along the way. Sometimes we found ourselves pinned by a Land Rover on a tight English road and other times we marveled at the vastness of the Devon countryside. But it was the journey that made it special and our time in Plymouth is just another leg in our own journey.

Besides, there's always the reunion... :)


I'm so glad that you've learned something in this grad course: that MKO relates directly to Vygotsky's ZPD. In the sweet by and by, may we all find ourselves to be MKO, and for sure in each other's ZPD. :-)

And, in the words of a Master: What does that MEAN???

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