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Wednesday, 03 August 2005



heehee, you said 'yellow snow'.

Do you know that Frank Zappa song:
"Watch out where the huskies go
and don't you eat that yellow snow"

OK that had nothing to do with the subject at hand, just struck a chord :P


I know, I know. I thought of that when I wrote it, but didn't think anyone would pick up on it, but you did.

Have been enjoying your Russian flickr photos, and your travel log! Elsewhere on your blog, I especially liked the graphic at "system adminstrator's appreciation day."

Safe travels, and careful with that vodka!


Honestly, what would you do with that so-called time to relax?

Darth Vader

She'd probably hang out in strange bars in England, lurking about with foreign men and wooing them with poetry.

As for me Slim, I start today (Thursday). I had 10 days worth of vacation over the course of the summer. Where did the time go? Oh well, next summer will be yet another trip into the surreal in the land of Eng-e-lund. Then we can finally start enjoying our summers! Personally, I wanna ride the Vader-mobile across the US, now just gotta find someone to go with...

Jeff Hess

Shalom Shamash,

If you have the discipline for it, tutoring is teaching without the meetings, without the paperwork, without administrators, without students from hell.


Jeff Hess


Jeff, I've thought of tutoring, but still love the classroom too much to leave it. Until the cons outweigh the pros, I'm in the classroom for a good, long while, enshallah.

Darth Vader: A ride with the Vader-mobile across the US... wouldn't that be the coolest? I crossed the US once solo, via car, with my tent and sleeping bag in the back, and it was one of my favorite trips of all time.

As for me hanging out in "strange bars in England, lurking about with foreign men and wooing them with poetry", where the HECK did you get THAT idea? :-)

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