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Thursday, 08 September 2005


Frieda K

hey honeeeeeee - you pimping for a living gal? Where do we form the orderly queue?


Hey, Frieda K. fresh back from Transylvania with her Diego, her paintbrushes, and charcoal fingers. Good to see you back!

Orderly queue?

I don't think so.

South African Stud will have to take his pick among the clawing and scratching felines fighting to be first in line. And you know how I like to watch drama.... from afar, of course! :-)

Darth Vader

And here I thought that a motorcycle was what women really wanted... ;)

normal girl

Hey shamash, I think I have seen this guy before in the city Somewhere in Asia, didn't he use to hang out with that hot-blond-chivalrous Southafrican pilot?(who sadly was already dating the hottest chick in town...). I wish u good luck with the "new- arrivals" in September....;)

normal girl's secretary

'Hottest chick in town'...in the WORLD! Yip, those South Africans are quality stuff! They made a good team, pity his teammate is not going to be back though..instead there is just going to be more competition for u gals!...Safari anyone?

bluest eyes

...hot-blond south african pilots are spoilt. by hotest-blondest european chicks...safari gotta be hard, but great fun!

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