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Friday, 23 September 2005


Ms Sicily

hey what is dis!ok, probably is just a period, everybody is go those periods...but make sure it doesnt last!!!!force yourself to get out of the house and do things!!

Ms D

Beautiful poem! I know how you feel, I failed to be sociable 4 times this week. Still, if you feel like emerging call me!


Well, gals, I'm heading to a jazz concert tonight, so I guess you could say I'm getting out of the house, but still avoiding the S. like the plague. And you KNOW what I mean, chicas! Maybe i'll venture to the BC next week. Ms. Sicily: fly in from London, okay? Ms. D: I have a feeling I'll see you there. :-) Other reason for hermiting? I have, in my possession, the entire series of HBO's "The Sorpranos." Why is Tony Sorprano so sexy in an "ugly sexy" way?


It must be autumn, the blogs are falling ;)

"Greasy sausage balls on a paper plate"?


Michiel: If you're a vegetarian, bad party food like "Greasy sausage balls on a paper plate" is reason enough to stay home. :-)

bluest eyes

remember a great sociable night in BKK!
and having been a hermit recently as well. reason for hermiting? autumn! and that´s pretty al right. a hot safari gonna startsoon!

Ms Sicily

I am having a good reason for heremiting as well these days which is...this master I am doing! They are really kicking my axx in this infamous school!Bluest eyes, I hope you are having more luck than me with your studying...
AH! the BC! that JUNE friday night will be forever remembered...

D. Duck

If u dont feel like goin' out....invite a few people round to that great house of yours....I know the 'stud' and I enjoyed it!!

bluest eyes

tonight hermiting´s over! and make sure you don´t waste you going-out-talent in L!
gonna go out, although it´s far to cold (or maybe just not easterm enough) to jump into a pool and aksing people when they had sex for the last time ;-))uni starts on monday, but so far things seem to be alright... found a nice place, and hope the best! feel free to give me a call when you´re tressed out too much, or even catch a flight to our capital! you know, safari!


okay, you guys. I will venture out to the BC tonight, against the voice of my soul, which is saying: stay home and watch a good movie. Fall asleep by ten. Go sculling in the morning as the sun rises.

I'll drink a B-52 in each of your names, even without the rat, Hurricane. As for the pool: well, you know how I always disappear before all the crazy stuff happens.

I miss all of you, D.Duck, The Stud, Ms. Sicily, and Bluest Eyes. I need you guys to get me out of the house and onto the dance floor. It was impossible to be a hermit when you were here. Now that you're gone, hermiting is very, very easy.

I'll take your advice, D.Duck, and invite some people over to my house. It's long overdue, but haven't found any interesting companions who are as "raw" and open and hilariously funny as you guys!

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