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Friday, 23 September 2005


Bluest eyes

Make sure you stay until the crazy stuff happens, and, I have to admit that, I´d give a lot to be part of it tonight (pool-fight anyone?) and meet you guys for a madonna-karaokee. by the way, is anybody of you guys able to send me that hilarious video we recorded that night?

Ms sicily

I can send the videos to you! Hey do you use hotmail's messager? cause thats gonna be the quickest way to. If u do send me ur hotmail address and I'll add you to my list!anyways, guess what? I think that actually I might go do that Safari thing...I just got myself a ticket for my christmast holidays.......;) Hey Shamash, will u be in europe next week?

Ms sicily

oh i forgot to say, I think it's the Stud's birthday today! aaah what a nice, MATURE, piece of meat!

Ms Sicily

Hey it's defenetly the Stud's birthday, I just spoke to him of the phone and he's having a great birthday party! I wish I was there partying with him, they are having so much fun out there!!!!

Freddie :O)

Silence and Solitude is what I've reading about lately. It is the absolute opposite of what the world and my head tell me are correct and NORMAL...but sometimes it just feels good to be quiet and turn off the tv, unplug the internet and be quiet. It never lasts long, but I always enjoy it and miss the quiet whent things get busy.

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