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Wednesday, 12 October 2005


bluest eyes

...just recently I found a dragonfly in the forest, handicaped with a broken wing. having it sit right there on my hand, becoming less and less scared, showing me it´s most beautiful colors in the world,...the most beautiful moment!

...and to look forward to meet great people again, in indian summer, having coffee before or after dark!

bluest eyes

oh dear, it´s a pitty that a meeting of great people in indian summer didn´t work out, at least so far. hope you´re enjoying Europe at it´s best, without a glance of hermiting!


Hi there.


Hey, Datta! Where have you been?
Hey, Bluest Eyes! We will meet again, just not this trip to Europe. Berlin changed to Prague at the last moment... I'll post when I get a chance. Back to the books. Thanks for the Berlin invite, though! :-) Maybe next time. Excuse me while I get back to my Holland cheese and an entire case of siroopwafelen. :-)

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