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Sunday, 27 November 2005


Darth Vader

Great story, glad to hear that it was a good Thanksgiving for you.

And thanks for the tip about the elephant apendage - I'll be sure to NOT get into a 'pissing' contest with one! :)


HEY!!! i LOVE the pictures! Melissa and I rode the elephants at the same place. We watched them play soccer and paint too. Isn't it amazing? I am so happy you got to go there. Is it your first trip? If so, I'm sure it won't be your last. Chiang Mai was one of the most funnest places i've ever been....EVER! (that's from Legally Blond). It's almost like an Asian Antigua. Love you!


"Asian Antigua": I see the metaphor, Freddie. What great memories we had of that Guatemalan village with Italian coffee and biscotti. The only thing missing in Chaing Mai is the silouette of a volcano. Sad thing is: these towns can't remain a secret for long. They all become, eventually, too tourist-y.

Yes, this was my first time to Chaing Mai, and I'll be returning, for sure. Four days is NOT enough time. As the token Carrie Bradshaw in Asia, I spent way too many bhat on sex-in-the-city shoes at The Ginger boutique. :-) You would have been proud of little-old-Mennonite me, Freddie, as I bought clothes and shoes with sequins and beads! You have been such a good influence on me!

Hugs, my friend!


Little did you know you were riding that elephant on my birthday! I loved the story and the photos...vicarious thrills.


Happy (belated) birthday, Hyacinth. Where were you on your birthday... Mt. Rushmore, perhaps, with Abe? :-)

Welcome to the blogosphere, and congrats on your new blog!

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