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Tuesday, 15 November 2005


Tish G

The fact is: we don’t know what will happen

that's it exactly. We don't know. The Authorities can claim this or that--as if they just missed the clues to the crisis by milimeters. That, however, isn't realistic.

We can waste time worrying, or we can simply be aware of the possibilities. Two different ways of looking at it. You're pretty down to earth, Shamash...you're aware of the situation. And you are wise enough to know that, no matter what, there's no real way to predict the future. All we can do is be aware--and enjoy life.

Bluegrass Poet

You are very brave -- to face up to the unknown and to sign the contract.

I always wanted an international outlook for my sons. I don't know what they would have done if the towers hadn't fallen during their last years of college. But I feel that that event brought the walls crashing in on their world.

Thank you for opening a little window for all of us...


Hi, Bluegrass Poet.

Sometimes I don't feel brave at all, but instead, a bit insane. But: a happy insane. :-) As for your boys having more of an international outlook: traveling the world is still an option for them! It's never too late, and from my perspective, the world is a lot safer than what the US media would portray. If I only watched the US news, I'd never leave my livingroom!

And as for signing a contract to remain living in a land that is at risk for the Avian Flu, check out my . follow-up post , which explains one of my greatest lessons in life.

I'll be telling this story till my dying day. (No pun intended.) :-)

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