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Saturday, 05 November 2005



Sorry, I have a defect in my meme-gene :P


I know you do, but it was worth a try. :P

Darth Vader

Sorry Shamash but I'm not going to tag anyone else. Instead I post for you my 23-5...

"This September will be the 10th anniversary of my honorable discharge from the USN."

And I forgot to celebrate it... :(


Wow. Speaking of anniversaries: I just now realized that tomorrow is the one year anniversary of "Shamash Says" .

Hard to believe.

What did I do before blogs? I really can't remember. Oh. I remember. I did television.


Darth Vader

And now that there is Bit Torrent, we can download our fave TV shows while we write our blogs!

Tish Grier

Hey Shamash! I finally got to the meme! I'll post it here, but my comment on it's over on my blog:

...Here's the 5th sentence from my 23rd blog post, dated 1/6/05: I enjoyed the interview with the young go-getters I'd be working with, but this gentleman I had the unpleasant pleasure of company today was a rather strange character.

that was a very interesting meme. feel free to tag me again. :-)

Tish Grier

oops! it's on this blog:


if you click my name, it takes you to the *other* blog...oy! multiple bloggging personality disorder!

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