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Saturday, 05 November 2005


Darth Vader

And now for something completely off topic...

Try googling Darth Vader and Shamash - interesting results!


Yeah, I know that I'm an ancient Mesopotamian sun god.

And you're a super-hero of sorts.

And we both have our supernatural powers. ;-) I see us traveling through the sky on a Harley. ;-) Jung and Joseph Campbell would approve of the archetype. (I actually show "Star Wars" when I teach "archetype" to my ninth-graders.)

I picked "shamash" for my online identity since I'm deeply affected by the moon (NOT the sun) and I wanted my screen name to be my alter-ego. I picked it out of a book of mine called "World Mythology."

I don't have a cool costume like you do, though. :P

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