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Wednesday, 02 November 2005


BG in Asia

Too much, too soon, the end.


Puny Humans, I Will Crush You!

(I'll think of a more Hemingway-worthy one later but this one made me chuckle)


Great place you have here!


I can. I will. I did.

Darth Vader

Read blog. Gained insight. Communicate better.

Darth Vader

Techies vent frustrations on Angel.

I even saved a word cuz Shamash knows that 5 words say EXACTLY what we feel...

BTW, I'd like to change my last poem to -

"Read blog. Gained insight. Communication better."

Shamash A.

this is all there is. Enjoy.


Everything changes. Everything stays the same.


Come! Animals! Poor Noah, still hallucinatin'

Cam Elliot

one kiss. one laugh. typhoid kills.

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