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Sunday, 04 December 2005



I am in awe of your ability to capture the essence of the weeknd in words and photos! You are such a wonderful writer! What an excellent close to my birthday to have the weekend painted for me in words! Thanks!

Jacque O

What a wonderful weekend and a fabulous blog-testiment to the festivities-that-were. You have a great talent in recoding these events, thanks for sharing it - and a beautiful weekend, including rescuing me with a to-die-for cosmopolitan at a precarious BBQ moment - with us all. What to do about the imminent departure of Everest, for, well Everest, I just don't know... Happy Birthday Pancake, life just gets better.


What a wonderful time you describe so well... Brought back great memories of my time there two years ago. Your pancake breakfast is a great improvement to the one we had then. My best memory of the event was the absolute delight my driver expressed for the experience. How I miss you all.

P.S. Are there two Jacque's?? The one I know would not have had a cosmos.


Hi, pups! Yes, there are two Jacques. One's a real name, the other isn't. As you know, I use pseudonymns here at "shamash says".... Jacque O. is the pseudonym for someone else who looked quite like Jacqueline Kennedy Onasis (sp?) with her sunglasses, scarf, and hat at the helm of the boat as we glided throught the water.

for the record: the drivers had just as much fun as us this time,too!

good to hear from you! :-)

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