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Friday, 09 December 2005


bluest eyes

what about enjoying the morning-has-broken-feeling whilst having a cup of coffee together...or sex and the city on th 50th floor? SOONer than later?

gonna be in BKK for three months by early january. what a deal if we could meet there, maybe you´re around!

oh dear, wish you merry Christmas and that we meet in 2006!


Hey, Bluest Eyes! Isn't life funny: how way leads on to way? Email me with more details.

Imagine a replay of that infamous June excursion to the top of BKK's highest building , and coffee the next morning in hippie-town, avoiding all arab palm readers! Glad to hear you'll be nearer to my country!


Inspirational beauty and calm, I'm "getting" from you and your life...BTW
loved the Singapore boy, gazing at the Dragon, with a bit of shady "fear" in his eyes...we see things bigger and more "real" when we are kids...and then, helas, loose some of them when we grow....

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