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Friday, 02 December 2005


Darth Vader

You know that once the elephants figured out that you were weirded out by their trunks, they picked on you just cuz it was funny (in elephant humor that is...).


You are right.

My screaming was an elephant trunk magnent. Once the beasts knew there was a sissy fraidy-cat within reach, elephant trunks came from all directions. I know these photos only show one trunk in my face, but at one point, there were four trunks snaking around me!

At least it felt that way.

My eyes were closed most of the time.

Ms Sicily

I love these pictures, they are SOO funny I wish I had been there when they were taken!!
Post more!!!

Ms Sicily

anyways...I dont think you "Miss strong and independent woman" have been totally honest about your fears... what about RATS????


You're right, Ms. Sicily! I forgot about the RAT fear. But: who expects to find a rat in a restaurant???? Ah, the memories. Ah, the trauma. :-)

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