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Thursday, 08 December 2005



"Wouldn't it be nice if everything WERE settled? " ... I think that means you're dead. So, no.

Although hibernation is an acceptable substiture. Hmmmm, hibernation. :P


To me, it's the "grass is greener" syndrome. When life is hectic, I yearn for a more peaceful time but when it's serene, I get restless. When it's too quiet, I get worried and go downstairs to make sure my daughter or dogs are not up to something.



Ummm...hibernation. I like that, especially in the winter snows in my hometown, which is where I am now.

I agree, DalOwnerx3, the grass is always greener: when it's quiet, we want a little noise. When it's noisy, we long for silence. (Except on a long, trans-Pacific flight, where good conversation about realism vs. idealism and good vs. bad film is always welcome. :-)

When EVERYTHING is topsy-turvy, a little security now and then- a little bit of SOMETHING that stays constant is, IMHO, healthy. Expat life means constant transition, incessant change. I crave change, yet resist it. I guess the grass IS always greener.

Maybe that is the part of the human condition: longing for that which we do not have. Ambivalence.

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