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Sunday, 08 January 2006



you are a great mystery, a real Pirate, a true traveler and a lover of this fragile earth,
i haven't figures up yet, how you manage to be living in Asia, and to travel ever so often...":-)
am i jealous? may be a little
any how it was a delight to read about your Indian adventure and to catch some of the colors and smell and habits of a foreign place (and to "feel" this place built up in front of my eyes little by little with your words, ) such as this Taos is to me.
i will try to look up for some of the music that you've mentioned of "Comanche dance songs".
i loved the photo from the back of the two boys dancing in the mud...


Hi, moon. Living in asia and traveling so much is possible because I am a teacher who travels during every holiday, even if it's a three-day weekend. I'm glad you liked the photos and my "travelogue."

I visit your blog often, and have wanted to comment, but I must be an "msn" member, which I am not. Your blog is always a treat (even if it always takes so much time to upload on this slow dial-up.) I love the mixture of graphics and insightful, provocative text. I esp. like the most recent Thomas Allen photos where books come alive.


Glad to hear Taos is still your favorite spot on Earth.

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