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Sunday, 22 January 2006



Your students are wonderful and horrible all at once, aren't they? Just like the rest of us. With you as their teacher they will grow and learn that short-cuts like cheating won't get them where they really want to go. They are so lucky to have you in their world!

bluest eyes

wow, that made me think abou what I'd had written at their age. but maybe what's more important: what would I write today? and would it make that difference?

having kids is definitely on it. and wishing them to have a teacher like you.

Thanks for keepning "Shamash says" a place to find new answers...and questions!


Hyacinth: I like what you write: "Your students are wonderful and horrible all at once, aren't they? Just like the rest of us."

I would add "Just like all of humanity!" We all have the capacity for great good, and the capacity for great harm.

Reading this writing assignment made me feel so much better; it knocked me out of a bad, bad case of disillusionment. And that was not a fun place to be, especially for this little, ole' idealist! :-)


Things do turn around, even in the worst of times. And I agree with your comment about capacity for good and harm.....

But Shamash, I would consider taking the picture off the website. Perhaps the parents have signed off on this, and of course, you are not in the States, but there is always a concern for using identifyable photographs even without names. The last district I was in had a policy about this that applied to postings by teachers even on non-school websites. Just a word of caution.


Hi, Pups!

Don't worry, these aren't my kids, even though the background, etc... looks just like our school, and just like our students.

I googled "high school students" in images and this was one of the first hits.

If I find the source again I'll re-post, giving it credit.

Thanks for the "heads up".

My personal philosophy is this: never post in the public domain identifying digital imagery that I have taken on my camera of any person without their expressed consent.

And,it's what I teach my students in "Netiquette". :-)

As for digital imagery out there in cyberspace: well, finding its source can be next to impossible!


Not to sound too cynical, but how do you know your students did not copy the list of things to do from the Internet. ;)


Well, they didn't know about "43 things" (the website) until after they handed in their hand-written, in-class assignment! :-)

Some students will cheat, no matter what, just like some adults cheat, no matter what.
My responsibility as a teacher is to create an environment that reduces their chances to do so.

I'm moving on... and am sick of the subject of "cheating"... It seems as though it's all that people talk about at our school these days, and there's so much MORE to education than cheating!!!!

There's so much MORE to living life than spending all the time discussing crime.
Plus, it's depressing, boring, and mind-numbing.

I'd much rather spend time discussing creativity.


Interesting note about "cheating" on 43 Things -- the entire site is geared toward the sharing of goals. You're supposed to find goals on someone else's list and copy them. It's a much different focus than the hoarding and protecting of information we think is so important in assessing "learning" in school.

Wonderful post, Shamash.

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