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Monday, 30 January 2006


bluest eyes

a women in chinatown.

could be BKK.
could be right here.
right now.

What a night.

Xin Nia hao!
happy new year, Shamash!


They say avian flu is coming from chickens and waterfowl, so maybe those birds you saw were innocent....
Happy New Year of the Dog!


Bluest Eyes:
Wish you were here! Too bad we couldn't bring in the New Year together like we brought in the month of June in such great style! Gong Xi Fa Cai! BC this Friday; fly over! :-)

Hyacinth: I sure the birds were fine. I think that Avian Flu is the least of their worries. There was one cage so full of tiny sparrows, I wondered how they could breathe, poor things.

Dutch Treat

Hello Shamash, I actually cannot remember what I wished for while I was throwing the paper on that fire. I reckon I was too busy preventing the irritating smoke from reaching my eyes. But, if I had wished, I'd have propably wished what you thought I was wishing for, if you still know what I mean.... Most likely, the climax protocol would have been involved in that wish as well?!
So now that I have returned to my hometown, things have been as usual: hurrying to be on time, hands too cold to open any lock, policetickets for not having the proper light on my bike, demanding patients. Quite a different colour from where we met.
I will keep reading your log and enjoy the good memories it will stir up.

Love, Dutch Treat


Hello, Dutch Treat! What a lovely thing to see your name and read your comment. We all miss you (esp French Contessa!)here, and miss your laughter, company, and warrior ways.

Scores were made at soccer last Sunday.

Not that we noticed.

Sometimes, champagne is more important than the scenery! :-)

Stay warm, and stay clear of naive tourists on bike paths! ;-)

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