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Tuesday, 17 January 2006


Bluegrass Poet

Oh they are gorgeous.

The one with the big ears looks like s/he walked right out of Egypt.

And black with golden eyes -- wonderful

Darth Vader

Umm, Darth Vader has a nice ring to it...

Or maybe just Darth since it hasn't reached full size yet.

Then you can add the Vader when it preys on unsuspecting Rebel Forces...

Ms Picasso

KITTENSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! Babies, cuties, lil'sweeties... I wanna be a mama. Can I be their Bastetmother? Is there such a thing? As to names how about Chundra and Surya
(moon and Sun in Urdu I think though it might be Sanskrit). I am so happy for them and you. Congratulations!



I'd go with 'Boom Boom' for the black one and 'Lynx' but the Urdu/Sanskrit ones sound OK too.

Darth I'm not so sure of Nomad (also a good name!) ;)

And what have you thought of so far, Shamash?


I'm liking Darth, too, Micheal. But it doesn't fit his personality. This cat's too cuddley to be named Darth.

I've thought of "Taos" and "Gibraltar" (my two fav. places in the world), and Pirate has suggested Mac & Tosh, but I'm not a mac person. I've thought of Google and dot_com, just to be tech-y.

Though my two aquaintences Chundra and Surya would love to have kitties named after them, I'm not sure if those names fit either.

"Ja" means "tiger" in the language of this-country-which-shall-not-be-named, so I'm leaning towards that for the tiger cat, since she's a tiny tigress in so many ways.

As for the black cat: he's quite mystical; those eyes just pull you in. So, I'm leaning towards "Rumi", my favorite mystical poet.

We'll see, though. This weekend I'll decide for sure.


If they're competitive, you could go with Tesla and Edison.

Darth Vader

Hey! Cuddley things can be named Darth! I resent/resemble that comment! ;)

Ok, so maybe something else might be prudent and not TOO techie (google was way nerdy there Shamash)...

Perhaps a Danish name could be used. Being a space science dork, I remember there is a famous guy named Tycho Brahe. How does the name Tycho ring to you?


You're right, Darth Vader: "Cuddley things can be named Darth!" I was thinking more on the lines of Star Wars, not a certain man in leather motorcycle gear who gives great hugs. :-)

It's decided, everyone:

Rumi and Ja: The Poet and the Tiger.

I like the names, and so do they, it seems! :-)


Gabby tought you should have named them 'Lucky' and 'Blessed' but in Bu*mese - since she knows they've hit paydirt. But she can condone Rumi & Ja.
Congrats on your furbabies!


Adorable kitties! Who knew a pair of kittens would raise so very many responses?! I like Rumi. Remember Nancy's Kabir (the Tonkinese)? I had Sushi & WonTon for 17 years, also Tonks. Saki says whatever names you give them will make music in their ears once you call them by their names. Enjoy them and their beautiful soft fur.

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