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Wednesday, 01 February 2006



Wow, this is powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing these insightful reflections.


Hi, Jeremy. Thanks for the shout-out at your blog! :-)


...and thank you for the shout-out here.


I hear ya. It's like that with parenting too. Finding time for myself is hard. It's more like saying "yes" than saying "no" though. I've said "yes" to my life lately and have finally been taking care of myself. It seems so many things cost money that involve taking care of myself. Pilates with Ivy is $37.68, childcare with Candice is $25.00, yoga at the gym is $5.00, a trip to the store without kids is about $12.00. I feel a commercial coming on..."A mom taking care of herself...priceless."
Reading your list of choices, it seems like taking care of ourselves doesn't have to be a financial burden; it can occur in our daily lives with every act we perform, every bite we take, every breath we breathe.


I loved this post! You write so eloquently what I feel! Why do you think I love my job much more this year?! It has allowed me to step back. Keep writing, being balanced, and saying YES to life!


Thanks for dropping by and dropping a link, I moved computers and still have to rebuild my favourites list. Thanks also for having had a 'here's one I prepared earlier' post which absolutely reflected the frustration I was feeling in mine, and with some practical approach to balancing it. I'm working on it chica.. honest!


Hey, Amelia!
Good to hear from you.
I'm re-reading this post, and realizing that I STILL haven't reached my goal of living a balanced life.
But, I, like you, am working on it.
Why does it have to be so difficult?


Finding the balance is an ongoing process, I think, one that we're constantly struggling with. Your comments make it clear that each of us has a choice... and each choice has the potential to bring us closer to (or further from) our true selves. Thanks for the thoughtful meditation. (Hope the link on Wordswimmer brings more readers your way!)


Thanks for the shout-out, Bruce. The links at your blog are great for writers in all genres.


The key to all of this is to find the job that you LOVE, a job that is part of who you are and understand that soemtimes the job (even though you love it) will be a bummer and you have to get through it but that most of it will be doing what you want to be doing. The job will be fullfilling and challenging and boost your creativity or boost what other things you do creatively. There is no job in the world that is all good and that offers a balanced life. the trick is to CREATE balance and enjoy every monent (even if it is grading papers on a Sunday afternoon or cleaning up the vomit from your kid who is sick). Have the tough moments in the job be the creative fullfillment you crave.

I KNOW easier said than done.

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