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Sunday, 19 February 2006



I don't feel so happy lately. I'm too close to my period, living in too much of a construction zone, too tired, too poor, too busy, and too adversive to think about being happy right now. Tomorrow during my appointment with Ganesh, maybe I'll feel differently. Or perhaps tonight at writing group with Julie, Surya, Candice, and Lindsay, I'll feel better. Maybe just a good night of sleep. I could use some touch too. A gentle man who cares what is going on in my Pisces ocean.
I know happiness and it seems the further I go on in life, the more it feels out of grasp. Ignorance was bliss for me.
Off to fold more laundry.


Yeah writing group! Are you still using the same format: Natalie's Goldberg's book "Writing Down the Bones" writing practice?

I have two writing groups here: one with my students, which follows Natalie's writing practice guidelines. (Hope you're reading this, Natalie!) There are 20 students in the group, which runs as an after-school activity.

The other one is smaller, and we have deadlines; we're working on novels and short stories.

Say hi to the group; I miss those writing times with the sisters!

Ms Sicily

these days I am SO happy!
Last week it was my birthday week, but I keep on getting presents and greetings even though its way over...
I love my birthday!!


Hey, Ms. Sicily!
Happy (belated) birthday to you!
If I were there, I'd buy a pack of "Brush Aways" for you, a book on Capitalism and Globalization, and a year's subscription to "Cosmo". :-)

May this be the best year ever! :-)

bluest eyes

Hi Ms Sicily!

Belated happy B-day also from my part. There's nothing to add to Shamash's wishes,...or maybe: plenty of hot nights in the best year.

And stay who you are!

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