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Monday, 20 February 2006



what is the book your book about???
you just mentioned it like that...:)


For various reasons, I want to remain anonymous at this blog.

However, I'll email you the name of the book when it hits the shelves. (It's available from the publisher, but soon will be on Amazon.com) The book is a collection of stories of Americans living abroad, and I write about my journey: a small-town girl who longs for distant lands and how she ends up living in (and loving!) Asia.

I'm very, very excited about this!
(ps I love your blog!)

bluest eyes

walking around feeling like a leaf feels great: being a hermit, a party-girl, a student, a teacher, a world-saver,a poet (wrting a book is in my mind since I first travelled to Asia, but there are always so many "buts" - so I'm very excited about YOUR book!)

How about a night to remember - and to write about?


A night to remember.
There are so MANY of them, and one of the best being One Night in Bangkok. Oh, the memories!

Here's memorable nights, and writing about them.

I await YOUR novel, Bluest Eyes!


Hey, You kind of are like five peole though, just different ones come out at different times. It looks like you are taking Bilal's advice of not meeting deadlines, hoorah!
Feeling like I want to come visit and travel around with you. Miss you.


LMJ: Ah, yes. Dear Bilal, whose advise changed my life. :-) Miss you, too.


Cool, notify us when you publish, yes?

On a whole different note, I've been collecting online courseware from universities recently, I thought you might be interested being a teacher and all ;)

Check this out:

All the free MIT, harvard, princeton, BBC and other courses, lectures, videos, interviews and god knows what else. Lots of interesting stuff. Have fun :)

Lynn Raye Harris

Glad you liked that article. :) I find it helps to reread it from time to time too.


Oooh, email me too, please. Do you remain anonymous in the book? If so, I'd love to put up a note about it.


Congrats on the publishing! that's great! I, too, would like to know the pub, if you're comfortable with that....

balancing the time to be everyone we want to be is probably the hardest thing in the world! and our world rarely allows us more than one life/identity. I don't know about you, but I know I confuse the heck out of people with all the stuff I've done...and confuse myself even more when it hits me that I've done something consistenly over a period of time but never thought it would mean anything (happened recently when I realized I've spent 7 years goofing around with social software! yikes!) :-) T.

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