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Monday, 03 April 2006



Oooh, this is so beautiful...goosebumply good writing about real life.

bluest eyes

This is beautiful!

I can not believe it is spring already.

Felling torn, like the gilr in your picture.
Lost in transition.
Somewhere between home and not-home, wherever both may be.

Want to plant tulips.
One for you. One for me.
One for change. One for coherence.
One for death. And a million for LIFE.


I am in awe of your writing.


cemeteries have strange histories--people used to go to cemetaries to "visit" with family, often having graveside picnics. how you consider all those markers is how most of the world considered them before so many people got tossed to the winds and families torn apart for one reason or another. you will always have roots, Shamash, whereever you roam...they are a blessing.

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