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Saturday, 20 May 2006



This is incredible. I suddenly feel much better about my age.

Jeff Hess

Shalom Shamash,

Ah Mein.




I'm like Terry: feeling better about my age. Thanks!


Enjoy your age - and your next year passing!


I saw Ned tonight and saw the invitation. Sorry we can't make it by the 26th.
I cannot believe you're heading into your 4th decade, to me you're forever 35.

Happy decade changing!!!!

Dutch Treat

Dear Shamash,

Happy birthday! I wish you a very nice weekend with lots of fun, plenty of parties and no headaches whatsoever!

Regards from Amsterdam,

Dutch Treat


Lamamamajama: ... and in my eyes, you will always be 19 years old, the "baby". :-) That's very cool that you got the invitation.

Dutch Treat: Thanks for the birthday wishes; French Contesa and I both wish you could have been here. :-) You would have loved all the "sparkles" and F.C. singing "Happy Birthday", along with Dancing Shoes and our favorite Savoy band.

Thanks for stopping by. :-)

tish grier

Hi Shamash! Happy B-day! (albeit kind of late)

Turning 40 is *so* *much* a passing into a new life. Perspective changes at 30, but 40 is a whole new deal!

You will also discover that your b.s. meter is now finely tuned and you will be able to judge it, and eradicate it, far quicker than in the past. It's a good thing.

I don't mind being over 40. It's the first time in my life I'm not paranoid about my body, even though I'm hardly thin. I don't care if I go out without makeup, and I know that I can still carry off wearing something low-cut and making men my own age a bit nutty.

There are major things to consider--the whole kid thing, and if you want to change careers, it's good to do it as soon as possible. As much as we love 40, the world around us still has some serious preconceived notions of who we as women are supposed to be, and bucking those notions takes a whole mess o'psychic energy. But, it can be done!

Enjoy! you're 40 only once :-)

Esther van Lange

Just as i say 0n my blog in the footnote:
"live in the now and not in the past."

I like your text woman over 40.

Ms Sicily

When you are 25:
A woman who is 25 has to go through a continous list of exams, university exams, then master exams, then job applications, then job interviews...it seems like it will never ends (well, you can tell I am having my masters' exams these days).
on the other end, to make matters worse is the fact that the men around her can't generally be bothered about her career. rather- in order to please them- the woman must also have a nice fit body (which can be achieved only through daily sessions in the gym, and hours spent on the step while she is reading articles for the seminar the day after), nice long hair that take ages to untangle under the shower and a bank investment of hair products, and so on... And it might as well be the case the the woman doesn't even give a sxxx about being perfect for the men around her, she does it only for herself. Even worse, and she looks forward for that age when the society wont require her to be perfect anymore, but rather, WISE. The only thing that comforts me about being 25- and moody, emotional, unstable and all that- is that I know it's plenty of older guys out there that will come after me with just a whistle. But these days I much rather be wise than go whistling around!
Happy birthday shamash!

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