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Monday, 01 May 2006



did you read his book?
i see there is a french on-line copy..i can read french but ever so slowly..did you find a copy in English?


Hi, Moon.

Yes, my copy of "The Art of Travel" is in English. My good friend bought it- I think- in Bangkok. The writing is superb and thought-provoking. What I like most about the work is that he combines his thoughts about travel with his musings about a specific artist who used travel as inspiration. The visuals are beautiful.

The quote above is the last paragraph of the book. I use another quote about travel from his essay on Edward Hopper here.

If you ever find a hard copy, it's one you'll want to keep on-hand in your personal library. It's delicious, in word and image- sort of like your blog. :-)


Thanks for the Tip, my Mom is about to travel to the USA, i'll ask her for this book.

I adore Edward Hopper :)


I adore Edward Hopper, too. I've made many-a-pilgrimage to "Night Hawks" at the Art Institute of Chicago. Alain de Botton writes a chapter on Hopper, so I'm sure you'll enjoy the book. :-)

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