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Saturday, 27 May 2006



Have fun going back home to PA. :) Where memories of past life flood you, glimpses of what could have been your life if you had stayed, trying to reconnect in ways that soothe your soul and yet, in the end, go with you as you go back to the life that is yours. It is time I head back to PA again too, to my Menn roots, except my journey is not as far. :)


"Glimpses of what could have been your life if you had stayed"--- that's the most emotional part of returning home. Not good, not bad, just "heavy."

The path I have chosen has diverged from the path of my kinfolk. Not a better path: just a different one. In many ways, I really didn't have a choice in leaving: something within me pushed me onward and outward. Had I stayed, I would have shriveled.

The different lifestyle I've chosen doesn't diminuish the love, though. The generational roots go deep, down to the limestone bedrock under the corn fields and cattle pastures of Pennsylvania. The further I roam, the more I realize that I have the values of a small-town gal more than I'd like to admit. I've transplanted myself, but my roots still cling to the PA soil.

Thanks for stopping by, cheryl

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