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Wednesday, 17 May 2006


Darth Vader

I hear ya chica!!! My school here just gave me a $4000 pay cut this year b/c they say that they can't afford to pay me my benefits. I'm all about the anger right now.


Darth Vader: oh, that's a tough one. How can a school do that at the end of the year? Isn't that breaking contract? I'm sure your experience in Lima will be much, much better. Hang in there, and see you soon in Plymouth! :-)


I watched this movie with Diane; we thought it was going to be funny. Can you imagine thinking your husband left you for another woman, beating yourself up, and living a hellish life to only end up finding him dead in the backyard? How many times do we make a wrong initial assumption? Life is too weird. I'm thinking of having my ex-boyfriend who is schitzophrenic take me to Saturn with him.

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