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Wednesday, 21 June 2006


Ms Sicily

hey shamash! I got back yesterday to the UK just in time to see England playing the semi-final today!as for the italy-US game, what I meant to say is that the americans were overall more aggressive, but believe me in Italy everyone crucified De Rossi- the italian player who purposely hit the American one- for what he did! anyways, I love watching 22 fit and generally quite nicelooking guys sweating to chase a ball, and you must admit that at the games there are always more chances to meet new guys ;)
big kiss


Hey, Ms. Sicily! Glad to see that you're back safe and sound! I wrote the above mainly because I wanted to use the phrase "where were her glasses?", knowing that you and only you would understand the story behind it. Oh, the beauty of multi-tasking!!!!!! ;-)

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